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Give me some bandages, STAT!

Oh God. That "Friday" song has made my ears bleed.


Because I can't write
Anything that's not random
I'll write in haiku.


A happy surprise
With a card both sad and sweet.
The hug's the best part.


Salvation from death,
Yes, divine intervention:
Kas report postponed!


T'was epic laughtrip,
And proved our profs are AWESOME.
That's Hagikhikan!


MORE derivatives
And chocolate at the end:
Sir Joseph's present.


Lost in translation
Calls for desperate measures:
Slow transportation.


Nerf guns and ninjas,
Weird dancing, high-fives, humming:
Cranium, Carpool-Style!


Special gifts from Benj:
Shirts, stuffed toys, too-small shoes!
Hey, what's not to love?


PEMDAS and Q-tips
Pepper shakers and pizzas
Are "real dancing" too!


Boredom and popcorn
Combined with bad Truth or Dare
Cue early dining.


"Some big grilled black meat!"
Benj and Carlo's revised list
Of euphemisms!


Migs on the play drums:
"Ira's short, Carlo's sober."
Bah dum BUM! Tgsh tgsh!!


Where will we all live?
The Great Magic Globe knows all.
Why not take a spin?


Mac, Bitch, Tiburcio!
All attempts were plain futile.
Gie's laptop hates us.


I was in the zone,
Fast-paced, intense, but dammit!
Benj won in foosball!


Tequila and gin,
Or Yakult in a shot glass?
I took the Yakult.


Paolo and Janine
Left with alcohol and time
Equals OPEN BAR.


Play under street lamps
While naming constellations
Are really quite fun.


On the slide and monkey bars
With light flashes, and laughter
Deep conversations.


Moonlight and shadows
The only witness to our
Sweet, strengthened friendship. :)

Good Day

Today was a quite a good day. Things just seemed to go my way, and whatever little disturbances there were just didn't irk me. I wish more days were like this, were this good ^^


I got a good rest on the morning ride to school, just listening to the classical piano music on my iPod which I downloaded the night before. I swear, Chopin is the greatest. His music is really soothing but still powerful, which was why I couldn't even drift off while listening to it. It is just that good. :D


In our Chem 16 lecture today, it was announced that we wouldn't be having lab later that afternoon. Now, I like lab just as much as the next student, but... hey, early dismissal! Gotta love that! :P I think everyone else in class would agree, because the moment our professor said "No lab this afternoon", everyone erupted in cheers. ^^ The feeling is really quite good.


Math 53 class was great, too. Yes, I actually said that. I've been enjoying my Math 53 class a lot lately, because our prof teaches us so well, and I can still follow without struggling so much. I guess it's really in exams that my brain goes PLOTZ.

But anyway.

We finally can use techniques for differentiation! As in, the Power Rule and all that! Finally, no more formal limits definitions! *happy dance* It just made me rejoice to be able to use LdR + RdL techniques again. It sounds like a song, I know, and today I really wanted to sing it. Hahaha. XD

The lesson today really made me miss Sir Petri, especially that desk bell of his, which he would use on us during speed tests. A year ago, that ding of the bell would send waves of terror up my spine, but now I just feel nostalgic for it. Funny what Math 53 does to me.

The best thing of all, though, was when Sir Joseph told us we didn't have to simplify our derivatives! WHOOOOO! Back in high school, it was in the simplification - pure arithmetic and basic algebra - that did me in because I was already exhausted from the differentiating and integrating. But I now thank the good Lord every day for being given such a reasonable prof who doesn't make his students simplify epic LdH - HdL o LL answers. (Got that? ;D)

So far, Math 53's been okay, but today was absolutely good.


Best part of my day was after classes. Jan and I had a quick lunch at Cafe Iana (yay for fish cobbler with lemon butter sauce!) and happily used the WiFi there, before taking a UP-Katipunan jeep to Starbucks. We got more than half of the Chem 16 problem set done, and still had time to play a round of Uno and drink nice cool holiday coffee. :D We even ran into Sir Arghs there!

It's quite strange to have the supposed "best" part of my day have quite a short entry, but that's because it made me too happy to describe. It was pretty damn good. :D


And now here I am, typing away in my LiveJournal. It seems like just another day, and quite frankly, it is. Still, I'm very happy, because it's been a pretty good day. Can't wait for tomorrow, because it might be just as good. :)

Just a mishmash of my thoughts again. Does it get any better than this? :P


I failed my first exam in Math 53 by 3.5 points. And I might have passed if I had realized that, because a left-hand limit was positive infinity, it should indicate something like an INFINITE ESSENTIAL discontinuity and not something as crazy as JUMP ESSENTIAL discontinuity.

Kakahiya naman kay Sir Joseph, and he's a demn good prof. Not to mention kay Sir Petri, who taught me this last year. You'd think, considering all the studying I put through just to pass Math 5, I'd retain some of it. Apparently it all fizzled away when I hit Math 17. D:

Must. do. better! I MUST PASS!


I visited Pisay last Thursday, because it was Sir Angeles' birthday. I can't describe it, but, as I was walking past the Office of the Ombudsman and I got the first whiff of the Pisay creek, I got such a happy feeling in me and I knew that I was coming home. :)

It was absolutely wonderful being back and seeing my teachers again. SIr Angeles gave me a huuuuge hug even after I "disrupted" his class, and he's actually aging a little now (I guess it's not quite at the speed of light any more XD). Sir Joey, Sir Martin, and Sir Arghs are the same as ever, still the same wicked fun and sagely advice that I love so much about them. Captain Awesome is flourishing well in his kingdom of transistors and wiring, but frankly I'm not that surprised :D And I now know how Sir Petri got his nickname! After so many months of wondering! :P

The campus itself looks about the same. Well, some of the walls have been repainted, there are new lockers in the SHB, the ASTB glass walls have been cleaned (bye-bye VisComm paintings :c ), the cafeteria has a couple new food stalls, and some of the bathrooms have been spruced up.

But! The gym is still structurally unsafe, the faculty center's still not repaired, some of the first floor classrooms have broken wood from the typhoon, two of the four fans in each of the classrooms still don't work, etc. etc.

Yes, really no place like home. And I'll always come back here. :)


I'm deep in the throes of another of my fandom phases, this time for the anime La Corda d'Oro: Primo Passo. I dunno why, but I adore the classical music featured in the anime, it's got an easy-to-follow plotline (ideal for a quick after-school TV viewing), and not to mention all the hot bishounen which just seem to be beggin' to be put in some fanfiction! :)

And as is expected of me in my fandom phases, it's willing me to do something slightly crazy. In this case, it's something I've wanted for a while but never had the guts to try. Learn how to play the violin.

However, I won't subject my parents to the price tag, given that they already did that for me when I wanted to learn how to play guitar (which I did, so I guess sulit naman ^^). I'll buy the instrument myself, and maybe learn the basics from a violin-playing friend of mine, before going for formal lessons. Maybe then I'll ask my parents na :D

While there's none of that taking up my time, I shall settle for writing fanfiction. :D Ryoutaro + Len, maybe? >:)


I have finished about 95% of my Christmas shopping. I don't know why I enjoy the process so much, but I do. It's why I don't mind spending a ton during Christmas season. I get money rin naman e :D


Yep, totally random. Stay tuned. ;)

Poems Old and Half-Writ

It's funny how my mind works. It seems that poems come to me most often during times that I am bored, or when I have no paper or pen in hand. It's like the muses don't want me to record whatever strange poetic fancies go through my head.

I was hunting for inspiration to finish a poem I started while waiting in line at the OUR yesterday.

(What makes your world magical?
Is it something within my reach?
Does it exist in my world,
is it something I could teach?


So what makes your world magical?
Would you tell me if you knew?
Because maybe, just maybe
You're what makes my world magical too.)

HAHAHA. Maybe this is a poem I shouldn't even bother finishing.

Anyway, here, one that I wrote back in 2005 (I found it again while I was memory-lane-ing on my inactive Multiply). An ancient poem. Just to prove my point that my best poems are rarely written down. So this is obviously not one of my best. :P


I am not a writer
I cannot write at all
As soon as I begin to write
I hit a mental wall

My essays never turn out good
They always sound so strange
The topics that I write about
Have no creative range

My stories are appalling
They have no decent plots
All ideas that I want to use
Have already been used up

My spelling is quite terrible
My vocabulary is so low
My grammar is very stupid
And my writing style, oh no

My poems just cannot rhyme
They don't have any wit
The words and rhythm that I use
Just don't seem to fit

My writing is all rubbish
They coat the trash can wall
For I am not a writer
I cannot write at all.


For the first time...

... I'm finally on an honors list.

1st Year, 1st Semester
GWA: 1.662.

That's right, babeh. You're reading a College Scholar now.

*happy dance*


After So Long

Whoa! I LIVE! :)) *cue Thriller music*

Hahahaha. Hello, everybody. Or nobody. Whatever.

It's been way over a year since my last post. So, what's up with me? Well, let's see... I'm no longer a minor, I'm a freshman in college, etc. etc.

And because I'm such a lousy blogger, I will just write some random post addressing people, and I won't even bother to put their names in.

Welcome back, peeps. :P


Hey you. It's been ages since we really talked, and I really missed you. I'm so excited to meet up with you and catch up on all the old times. Don't forget the book, okay? I know I sure as heck won't forget yours.

You've been so awesome to me lately. I don't even need to write it down or spell it out. You know who you are. Love ya. ;)

Hey y'all. You sistahs all rock my world! You know my current dramas and you know just how to make me laugh and temporarily forget those dramas. We might not have the same scheds but don't you go thinking that I'm going to leave you just like that. I'm more annoying than that, my dears. :D Chever!

Hey girl. You know that when I say I want to kick his ass, it's because I think you deserve waaaay better. You're a great friend and I sure as hell will miss you this coming sem. I'm always here for a YM rant or a text kwento, okay?

Yo. Thanks for the compliments and more so for helping me out with the last bits of enrolment. You are amazing, and not just because you think my retainers go well with my glasses and my hair o_o But you've always been so supportive of me and a great inspiration. Thank you so much! :D

To my soul sisters! I miss you all na! Last Monday's reunion was great but it left me missing you more. We've got to do that again sometime, and yes, we won't just go grocery shopping. We'll make sure of that. XDDD

You. Believe me when I told you I've never lied to you, and I didn't work that hard and give up that much time just to gain your attention. I care a whole lot and more about you, and still I wonder if you even know I'm there. I have 5 more months to find out, but I don't know if I really want to know your answer to that. You tell me. Usap naman tayo. Miss na kita.






And to add even more to my lousy-blogger factor, let's throw in some wonky poem I wrote in the middle of enrolment! (I swear their system is not efficient at all. And that's putting it very nicely.)

A pale white lily blooms
Petals of moonlight against black velvety night
Waiting, waiting, waiting
For a gentle hand to pluck the stem
And take it to a home to call its own

But the hand the lily longs for
Moves to stroke pink and scarlet silk
Of course he chooses the rose
Beautiful, demure, glowing in the sunlight
Just what he longs to take home and care for

The lily falls away slowly

Petals graying against a sunrisen sky
Fading, fading, fading
As the hand drifts goodbye
Leaving it alone to die.


*clears throat*

Hopefully that's a warning to the next batch of people who are handling the registration next sem. Don't send me over the edge, or I will freak you out with epic-fail poetry that are allusions to the drama in my life.

Cheers. It's great to be back. :)


On Hiatus

Yesss. I will not be posting on this LJ. Schoolwork and all.

See you soon, y'all. *hugs all around!*


Last Day of Summer

Today is the last day of summer. Tomorrow I'll start my senior year in PSHS with my class, IV-Charm. :D

This summer has been great, to say the least. I was able to prepare for college life through review classes, and I was able to tap into my talents through dance classes.

Fun as summer is, I can't wait to get back to school. It's another year of learning, of friendship, of chances and hope and making things right.

So long, summer. Wilkommen, PSHS senior year!

[Shameless plug: Wish me luck on my SATs (June 7) and my dance recital (June 8). Thanks to everyone who have supported me! Love you all!]



[ Warning:  A very ANGRY post. You'll know if this is directed at you or not.]

My cup of endurance has, at long last, run over.

It doesn't matter how much I "double the dose" and strive to keep going. Because you will always keep on trying to see just how much more you can push so you can get me closer to that edge of the cliff.

I can take all that pushing, but when you pulled in those who have no business in it, and were much better off before you started on them, that was it for me.

If you're going to attack, at least do it right. At least attack with a little bit of honor. Because there is absolutely no honor in attacking someone who's been bound and trussed and staring at you in the eye and believing that you won't take out that gun and just put one between that person's eyes.

Even after you already have.



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